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In Naples, the art of fare pelli, or “making leather”, coupled with that of glove-making, goes back into the mists of time, though the first written records date only from the seventeenth century. At that time, and until 1748, the Porta della Conceria (literally, the “tannery gate”) – one of the sixteen gates of the city, “towards the sea” – took its name from the profession.


We inherited these skills from our land, developing and adapting them with the world standard. We are alwasy trying to improve, to discover new methods, new ways, for a brighter future.



We are keeping tight relationships with our esteemed Customers and Suppliers, through providing them our best services.

High Quality

One of our main goal is to keep a top-level quality, and we are able to do it due to our experience in the leather industry.


Bringing innovative ideas is a must for our company, this is the way we develop our skills through.

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Save Your Time !

We have a huge experience in leather industry, this help us to provide high quality articles in a short period of time.

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Why Us?

Because we love what we do we can easily identify a clear vision upon why we are doing things, what our goals are and what our mission is.

What Clients Say

I am always impressed with the speed and efficiency at which I am able to order and then to get the needed article done.I just wanted to pass on my thanks to Gianfema and I really hope I will order from you again.

Amedeo Accorsi

I felt I had to email you to express my appreciation about how I have been treated while I received my order. Exemplary customer service and a wonderful quality of the article I got - incredibly beautiful and unique.

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