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About the Company

We produce a wide range of articles in calf, baby calf, lamb nappa and goat, with grain, suede and hair-on babycalf, in both classic and contemporary fashion styles. Our products are designed for the high-end leather goods, footwear and garments industries. The world’s top luxury brands have chosen us for our quality, style, innovation and service. The first step towards creating a Europe-wide tanning holding came in 2011. We have 140 direct employees and, indirectly, we create jobs for another 240 people. Our comply has a policy that goes beyond purely aesthetic and functional aspects, with close attention being paid to environmental impact and to using materials and creating processes that are increasingly oriented towards a fully traceable, eco-friendly production system.

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Our Staff

Here's a part of our team that is giving the best for a high quality service and for the future of leather industry. All of them are highly developed experts in their fields, everyone having a good taste in creating new beautiful things.

  • Andrea Bonazzi
  • Eva Ferrero
  • Carla Storace
  • Carlo Marras
  • Rosa Pizzati
  • Paolo Floris
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Why us

Fast work

Because of our experience in leather industry we learned how to creat qualitative articles in short periods of time. This helps our company to always impress our customers.

Best Products

Gianfema has been producing high quality leathers for the footwear, garments and leather goods industries. Its products are made for the luxury sector and are among the finest in the world.

Great Service

We are always looking for a great customer service, because we know that our customers are the way through we develop and become better with every article produced.

Our Clients

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Quality Management System

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Leather from Italy

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UNIC Social Accountability

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Environmental Management

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Health and Safety

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Traceability Row Materials